Heat rises, Smell Rises

Heat Rises, Smell Rises

August 31, 2020

warm weather makes odors stronger

You might be asking, “what’s that smell?!”  When the weather is hotter, smells and odors intensify.  Blame it on bacteria.


For many types of bacteria, Summer temperatures are in their range of optimal growth. An increase in the growth of these bacteria results in an increase in odor-causing molecules.  And on top of that, the odor receptors in our noses thrive in the warm weather, so we smell everything more!  Ever leave your dirty gym clothes in a hot car?  And how about that garbage can?



As you can imagine, the Summer months pose an unpleasant occurrence on crime and trauma scenesIn the crime and trauma scene cleaning industry, bodily fluids and decomposition make for a rude combination with the heat. Hoarding situations are also particularly pungent, not only from the bacterial buildup in the home, but often there are animal feces to contend with.  If you have the unfortunate experience of any of these situations, we recommend you call professional help right away. Not only is bacterial growth smelly, it can be dangerous!  Bio-One is here to help 24/7. 


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