How To Decide What To Throw Away

How To Decide What To Throw Away

January 13, 2021 


I like to hold on to things because I might need them some day.  What if that blouse comes back in style?.  Or maybe I’ll try that exercise contraption that’s been mocking me for 20 years.  As much as I like to keep things – just in case – I must admit it is liberating to let go!

The hardest part is getting started.  If you’d like to declutter your home, try these steps:

1.     Tackle only one thing at a time.  This could be one drawer, or one corner.  Or if you prefer, carve out 15 minutes a day and then be done.  All of a sudden a monstrous project becomes a series of small, manageable tasks.

2.     Create three piles:  Yes, No, Maybe.

3.     Get rid of the “No” pile right away: throw away, donate, or sell

Set aside the “Yes” pile.

Save the “Maybe” pile for last.  It gets easier to eliminate as you go, and you’ll be able to size up an item's usefulness as you inventory everything you have.  If you’ve never used it, you probably never will (like my faddish exercise machine). The goal is to turn more “Maybes” into a “No.”

A few, final thoughts:

Hold off buying storage bins and containers until AFTER you’ve completed steps 1-3.  You won’t really know what you’ll need until you size up what’s left.

This might sound silly, but I find if I’m decluttering a bedroom, then it helps to make the bed first.  The room instantly becomes more orderly, and the bed provides the perfect sorting station.

And lastly, be patient.  This process will temporarily make a bigger mess, but in the end you’ll have more space and less stress.  Heck, I’ve already forgotten about that blouse!

Footnote:  Clutter is not the same as hoarding.  However, if clutter is extreme and getting overwhelming, then Bio-One can help.  If you or anyone you know is in need of our services, give us a call.

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