How to Help a Struggling Loved One

How to Help a Struggling Loved One

NOV 20, 2020


When you know or live with someone who is struggling, it can be hard to watch. You want to know what's wrong, and so do they.  And even though we might not know what they are experiencing on the inside, we can feel their pain.  When one of my children, for instance, is going through a rough time, my "mom reflex" is to want to fix it and make everything better.  But perhaps the best thing we can do is to simply be there for them while they figure things out.

Here are some ways you can be supportive:

1. Bring them food – make them a home-cooked meal or bring them some yummy takeout.

2. Help with errands – maybe it's just picking up the dry cleaning or mailing a package. These are simple tasks you can add to your day and take away from theirs. 

3. Watch a movie –  it can temporarily relieve some stress being felt by your loved one. 

4. Ask them what you can do – we try to imagine how people need help, but why not just ask?

5. Housesit or babysit – do they have kids? If so, offer to watch their little ones - or home- so they can get away for a break. 

6. Keep them company – perhaps they are feeling lonely, or don't want to go to an appointment by themselves.  You could go them and give them the courage and companionship they may need.

7. Give them a thoughtful gift – maybe they haven't had the time to get their nails done, or buy that special coffee they love. Treat them. 

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