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Crime Scene - Can't I Take Care of It Myself?



NOV 16, 2020


If you find yourself looking at a crime scene, your initial reaction may be to clean it yourself. You may want it to be gone as soon as possible and that's completely understandable. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't take on the task:

1. Fluids! Coming into contact with bodily fluids, especially blood, can be harmful, even dangerous. Body fluids can carry disease and pathogens that you just don't want on, or near, your body.

2. Invisible to the eye!  What you can't see, CAN hurt you. If you leave behind any traces of the scene - including germs and pathogens you can't see - you may be exposed to harmful elements and your home won't be as sanitary as you think. 

3. Don't stress!  You may be worried that you can't afford crime scene cleaners, so you may be surprised to know insurance will usually take care of the cost (and Bio-One will handle all the paperwork with your insurance company, if you'd like).  

Bottom line, you should never try to clean a crime scene yourself. You'll be emotionally healthier, less stressed, and more sanitary when you let the professionals properly and safely take care of it.  Bio-One is here to help.