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World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day

NOV 13, 2020


I thought it would be nice to mention today is World Kindness Day, and the first day of World Kindness Week.  The idea is that kindness is catchy.  In other words, if you do something nice, then so will someone else.  In fact, studies show when others observe kindness in action they are more likely to carry out an act of kindness, too. 

So, imagine if you head out for the day and your neighbor’s garbage can has tipped over. Instead of ignoring it and letting the wind make a mess, you pick it up and return it to the corner. Three other neighbors notice and give you a smile and a nod on their way to work.

One of those neighbors notices a stranded driver on the side of the road on his commute to work. He remembers your thoughtfulness and offers assistance to the stranded driver. Several passersby take notice.

At a business office, a woman struggles with a paper jam. She’s had a horrible day. The customer has been waiting, but she remembers the stranded driver she passed earlier in the day. The customer lets the office worker know to take her time. Everyone has a bad day.

We each have the potential to improve each others’ lives through understanding and kindness. Whether it’s a friend, family member, coworker or stranger, our ability to show our humanity should have no limit.

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On World Kindness Day, let your compassion shine brightly. Get caught showing as much kindness as possible. Remember our gestures inspire others and can become infectious and spread.