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A Covid Christmas

A Covid Christmas

January 4, 2020


I don’t know anyone who wasn’t impacted by Covid-19 this holiday.  There were no large gatherings - my family and friends celebrated small.  Many had a family member missing at the table because they were sick with Covid and quarantined.  And how many of you Zoomed or FaceTimed your celebration with someone who should’ve been in your home?

In my family, it started with me.  I lost my taste moments before Thanksgiving dinner was served.  I spent the next 9 days in bed, barely leaving the room. (In between bouts of yuck, at least I was able to get most of my Christmas shopping done online!).  While I was “Coviding” I was interrupted from time to time by my husband all-suited up with his PPE and a fogger. It made me laugh, but it’s not really weird since we’re in the business of disinfecting.

Our company, Bio-One, specializes in infectious disease decontamination.  We routinely disinfect businesses, government buildings, and people’s homes.  If you or someone you know is interested in disinfecting a workplace or home, please give us a call.  We’re here 24/7, and believe me, you don’t want to get what I had!