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When Someone Dies at Home, What Do You Do?



October 4, 2021


We are in the business to clean up after death.  Bio-One is often called after someone passes away alone in their home - this is called unattended death or undiscovered death. Body decomposition begins as soon as the person dies, so it is vital to be aware of the possible heath hazards that come with finding a dead body in a residence. 

Bodies that aren't discovered right away can quickly decompose, especially in the warmer and humid months, causing body fluid spillage that can carry bloodborne pathogens and other harmful diseases, such as MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis B and C.  Even if the person is not knowingly infected, they could still be a disease carrier, so treating the scene as a biohazard is of utmost importance.

  • Call the police. First responders will photograph the scene and properly take the body away. This is the first step.
  • Leave the residenceDo not attempt to clean the scene by yourself. No matter the cause - natural, suicide or homicide - chances are there are grisly reminders of the traumatic event that must be disposed of and cleaned.
  • Call a bioremediation company like Bio-One. Fire departments or police do not clean trauma scenes. Once they leave, that is where Bio-One steps in to assist. Bio-One provides compassionate, discreet, professional, on-call biohazard and trauma cleanup. We use proper personal protective gear, approved OSHA-approved methods and hospital-grade cleaners to eliminate any harmful pathogens and diseases.

As owner, Cuyler will work with you to determine whether insurance is available and will handle the insurance claim, if you wish. This allows you to focus on notifying family and friends.

In the days and months ahead, other matters will need to be taken care of.  Here's a helpful list I'm sharing from our sister office, Bio-One Raleigh:

  • Making funeral arrangements
  • Obtaining a death certificate and making copies
  • Contacting Social Security and any other agencies to have benefits stopped
  • Closing bank accounts and credit cards
  • Finding life insurance policies
  • Stopping utilities and stopping or forwarding mail

All these tasks may see overwhelming but you don't have to go through this alone. Bio-One has been providing biohazard and trauma cleanup services since 2011. Our motto of Help First, Business Second means our focus is on the road to recovery for grieving families and communities so they can begin the healing process.

We are local and serve all communities in Northeast Ohio. When you call, day or night, you will speak directly with an owner - no call center or answering machine. Bio-One Akron understands the urgency of what you are going through and will be onsite within hours of your call:  330-888-5665